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Weed - Enders House

208 Salmon Brook Street

208 sbhs weed enders Homestead-1.jpg

Photo taken 1890 when owned by Warren Lampson. In picture Flora Messenger Lampson, Sylvester Lampson, and daughter Etta.

This House:

This small saltbox house was built in 1790 by Moses Weed and given to his son Moses Weed Jr. for “services rendered since he turned 18.” After Moses Jr.’s death, it went to his widow and his son Lucius farmed the land.

A Bit More:

After being owned by the Weeds, Lampsons, and Corrells the farmhouse was sold in 1924 to John Enders, who used it as a hunting cabin. John Enders children gave the property to the state for a park and could not protect the house from vandals. In 1974 the house was moved from Enders Road to the Salmon Brook Historical Society property.

208 enders shallow fireplace.jpg

Enders shallow fireplace. One resident said it was the warmest room in the house.

208 enders h parsons cupboard.jpg

 Parsons cupboard where you stored brandy or gin ready for the Parson’s visit.

Even More:

Edith Correll had fond memories of their farm and house located off the road to Barkhamsted. She pointed out that the old hand-hammered nails were made by the prisoners at Newgate Prison. “I cannot remember exactly when Mr. Enders started coming to our place, but I remember him coming many times to go fishing. My father let him fish anywhere in our brooks. He drove a large touring car which was a novelty to me. We had our trusty horse and buggy, as did all our neighbors at that time. Cars were a luxury to us.

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