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Time at Home

Clearing Out & Donating Family Treasures, Pandemic 2020-2022

Textile's summer exhibit showcases items donated from Granby families during the time of Covid. People cleared out their closets, uncovered items filled with Granby history and donated their family treasures. An interesting collection, it features an early embroidered linen coverlet made in the 1830s and replicas of that coverlet made in 1907 by the maker's granddaughter. Glenn Shattuck's Granby Athletic Club baseball uniform was also donated. Shattuck enlisted in the Marines just weeks after Pearl Harbor and was the first Granby resident to be killed in WWII. The Shannon-Shattuck American Legion Hall carries his name in his honor. (Please note, Veterans will receive free admission to this exhibit.) Other items include a collection of vintage women's hats and a peek into men's swimwear, circa1920. Aprons, an early sewing machine and pieced quilts similar to those made during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic are also on display.

Both exhibits are included in the price of admission and are part of our regular Sunday tours  2:00 pm  - 4:00 pm.

1830s Linen Coverlet

Replicas of this coverlet were made in 1907 by the maker's granddaughter.


Granby Baseball Uniform

Glenn Shattuck's athletic club baseball uniform, pre WW2.

baseball outfit.jpg

Antique Sewing Machine, Swimsuit & Quilts

Learn more about the black wool swimsuit and more unique antique pieces. during the Sunday tours.


SBHS Summer Exhibit 2022
Part I 

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