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Cooley - Goddard House

230 Salmon Brook Street

230 Salmon Brook Street.jpg

This House:

There was a house on this site in 1855 but it was gone by 1869. Then about 1897, the house in this picture was moved to this lot from the west side of Salmon Brook Street, near the entrance to McLean Game Refuge. It was Daniel P. Cooley’s house. Cooley gave the house to his daughter, Ada Cooley who married Edward B. Goddard in 1895.

A Bit More:

It is likely that the house was built about 1830 or even earlier because of the free-span, post and beam construction.

Mrs. Goddard’s three grandchildren inherited the house at her death in 1971. In 1982 it was sold to the developers of Windmill Springs but fell down while it was being developed into 2 condos.  The current house is new and was built to resemble the original.

Even More:

Edward Goddard wrote in his diary about the moving of his house.  In April of 1901, the young couple moved from their apartment over the Loomis Bros. Store to their new home, a gift from Ada’s father.  They had to cut a large window in the back of the house to get their beds in.  Repairs were then started on the house.  On Oct. 3, the movers came and raised his house off the foundation.  The next day workers took the old cellar stones to reuse in the new foundation.  On Oct 16 the move was started.  It took 3 days to get the house into the road.  They had to move slowly because they were going uphill.  After 9 days, the house was finally in place on a new foundation.  Ada Goddard wrote to her sister “Before we could live in it at all, [we] spent over $2,00.” (Approximately $64,00 inflation-adjusted dollars in 2021.) 

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