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Gaines Hotel

255 Salmon Brook Street

255 Salmon Brook Gaines Hotel.jpg

A Bit More About The Buiding:

In approximately 1880 M.G. Gaines rebuilt it (the building that is there now) while Loomis brothers relocated to their store across the street on the corner of 10/202 and Hartford Ave (Route 189). The new hotel was very ornate and it is said that Gaines went broke building it.

Before This Building:

In c 1778 records show there was a tavern owned by Pliny Hillyer, in 1822 it seems Isaac Phelps leased the tavern to Frederick M. Hayes. Hayes still owned it in 1840 and it was called the Hayes Hotel. By 1869 it was the Gaines Hotel and owned by Miles Godard Gaines. In February of 1877, the building burned down along with the Loomis Brothers store, the post office, and the adjoining buildings.

255 aaron charles green.jpg

The building was sold to Aaron Carl Green, a horse dealer. Pictured here.

Even More:

In 1899 the house was sold to Edgar B. Case and Ina Emmons Case. They lived here for many years. Edgar was a businessman, active at South Congregational Church. Ina was known for saving everything; she had pathways through her house. Survivors found a box labeled “string too short to be saved.” When she died the building was sold and divided into apartments.

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