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The Parsonage

227 Salmon Brook Street

227 s church parsonage.jpg

Reverend Spencer Evans.And Friends

This House:

This house was probably built after 1869 because it is not on the map of that year. It was used as a South Church Parsonage because the Rev. Spencer Evans, who served South Church from 1895-1906, is known to have lived there during his time in Granby.

Even More:

The house was officially purchased by the church in 1906 for the Rev. F. Barrows Makepeace who served from 1906-1915.

The much-beloved pastor, Rev. Arthur Teale lived therefrom 1923-1960. The last pastor to live in this house was the Rev. Paul Malicote who bought the Loomis house (#245) for himself and his family in 1971.

The church then sold the house.

227 rev spencer edmonds (1).jpg

Reverend  and Mrs. Spencer Evans.

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