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Dennison Case House

238 Salmon Brook Street

238 Salmon house dennison sarah case.jpg

This House:

The house that was previously on this site was probably built between 1780-1790 for General Chauncy Pettibone. Chauncy was the son of Col. Ozias Pettibone who built the Case house at 4 East Granby Road. Chauncy married Theodosia Hayes and they had 9 children. The house in this picture was taken down in 1931 and the current house was built for Paul and Carolyn Avery.

A Bit More:

The original house had 11 rooms, 3 fireplaces on the first floor, hand-hewn beams, and very wide attic floor boards.

238 newer house.jpg

In 1934 Paul and Carolyn Colton Avery built a new house (the current one) on the old foundation, using many of the old elements of the original.

238 Dennison Case H interior.jpg

Dennison Case in the kitchen – 1886

Even More:

The first owner, General Chauncey Pettibone had a tavern license in Granby as well as Simsbury. He was a Captain’s Aide in the Revolutionary War and a Representative in the General Assembly.

The 1820 Census shows Betsey Hillyer, widow of Andrew Hillyer, living there. In 1842 Dennison Case from Canton bought the house from Andrew Hillyer, probably Betsey’s son. Dennison owned all the land where the present South Congregational Church is located. It remained in the Case family until 1916 when Oscar Case gave it to the South Congregational Church. In 1917 Fred Colton bought it and in 1931 it was torn down.

238 railings.JPG

Railings From The Original House

238 hardware.JPG

Original Hardware & Doors From

The Original House

238 wainscotting.JPG

Wainscoting From The

Original House

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