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Asel Rice House

252 Salmon Brook Street

252 Salmon Brook Street.jpg

This House:

This house was built about 1875 by Asel Rice who married Mary Church. Asel played the double bass viol in the First Congregational Church.

A Bit More:

In 1892 Carrie and Alfred Holcomb bought the house. In 1910 it was bought by Fred and Bertha Griffin. Bertha Shattuck Griffin was a daughter of Aaron Draper Shattuck, famed Granby artist. The historical society has some of his paintings and furniture.

252 crock.jpg

 An item such as this crock used to store liquids like cider, brandy or molasses would be at the house.

252 pewter coffee pot.jpg

Pewter Coffee Pot

Even More:

In the 1840’s Asel Rice was involved in a controversy at church. It seems there was dissatisfaction with the choir. There were two factions, those who favored Asel Rice and his double bass viol and those who liked the choir director, Anson L. Holcomb and the organ he brought to church. Church and Town Meeting records generally did not put arguments in the official records, only the outcome made the official minutes. This one was so contentious that the conflict itself was recorded. Many years later, it all looks rather silly.

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