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George Pettibone House

226 Salmon Brook Street

226 Salmon Brook Street.jpg

This House:

At least the rear of this house was estimated to have been built in 1790. The remainder was built later by George Pettibone.  In 1869 George Pettibone married Julia Ashby Hillyer.

In 1926 Tracy Crouse and his wife (m. 1918) Annie Hayes moved into the house. Their daughter Barbara inherited the house and lived there until 1995.

A Bit More:

At 15 years of age, Annie Hayes substituted as the organist at First Congregational Church. The first time she played, she pumped so hard that she pushed the bench back from the organ and finished the hymn at arms-length. After that, one of the tenors kept his foot against the bench leg. She went on to be the church organist and choir director for 65 years. In addition to teaching music in Massachusetts, Bristol, and Milford she taught in Granby’s grade schools and introduced music as a regular part of the curriculum. She is said to have played operas for the children on her Victrola.  She declared “I’ve always loved Granby. I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else.”

Her daughter, Barbara Crouse, next owed the house. Barbara graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. in music. She worked for 40 years at the Aetna as a group underwriter. She also was a lifelong member of the First Congregational Church and the choir director as well.

226 Marjorie Viets.jpg

Hiram and Laura’s Daughter, Marjorie Viets

226 Annie Hayes.jpg

Annie Hayes Crouse

Even More:

Hiram and Laura A. (Griffin) Viets lived here around the turn of the century. Years later, a box of letters written during the Civil War was found in the carriage house. They had been written by Laura’s uncles and are now in the Salmon Brook Historical Society archives.

226 doll found.jpeg

Remnants of a Doll Found in the Wall During the 2020 Renovation

226 bottle found in wall.jpeg

Bottle Found in the Wall During the 2020 Renovation

226 old wall paper uncovered.PNG

Old Wallpaper Uncovered  During Recent Renovations

226 red glass window.jpg

Red Stained Glass Window in Foyer

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