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Dr. Pendleton’s Hospital

225 Salmon Brook Street

225 hospital.jpg

Even More:


It was sold to a Dr. Chatfield in 1900 and was used as a summer home until 1915 when it was purchased by Leslie Korper, along with much of what is now Salmon Brook Park. Korper had a milking herd and an ice house. He also owned Granby Supply Co. (c1918-1928) and was driven into Hartford every day by his chauffer in a Winton car. [Winton cars were manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio between 1896-1903.]

In 1921 Dr. Ernest Raymond Pendleton bought the Korper place to build a Community Hospital which operated from 1921-1928. There were also nurses quarters on site. After the hospital ceased operations, Dr. Pendleton was the Granby town doctor until 1946.

In 1930 the building became a hotel, the Granby Terrace Inn. Pendleton also developed a 27 hole golf course on what is now Salmon Brook Park. It was the Salmon Brook Country Club. In 1932 he also built “attractive and unique log cabins for summer homes” on what is now Pendleton Road.

This House:

A simpler version of this house was built between 1869 and 1890 for the Timothy Stanley family. They had some connection to the New Britain Stanley Works and later moved there. It became a hospital and the Granby Terrace Inn before it was converted to apartments.

225 dr pendleton.jpg

Dr. Ernest Raymond Pendleton

225 club house country club.jpg

Salmon Brook Country Club

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