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The Reverend T. Murphy House

250 Salmon Brook Street

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A Bit More:

It was then sold to Ann Eliza Holcomb Edwards (1837-1927) who was the wife of Dr. George W. Edwards.

It was sold in 1911 to George and Lorintha (Carrier) Clark. He was a Civil War Veteran. Their daughter, Miss Lizzie, was the town librarian for 12 years.

Then Robert and Lucy Powers bought the house in 1945. Lucy had come to Granby to teach and Robert had a service station and car dealership on Salmon Brook Street. They owned the house until 1987

This House:

The house was built in 1873 for The Rev. Thomas D. Murphy who was the minister at First Congregational Church and then the first minister at the newly formed South Congregational Church

Ann Eliza Holcomb Edwards.jpg

Picture of Ann Eliza Holcomb Edwards

Even More:

Ann Eliza Holcomb Edwards taught school in Granby. The historical society has her memoirs, mostly about the churches. George served during the Civil War as a Union surgeon and was Granby’s doctor for 14 years.

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