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Jewett - Smith - Cooley House

233 Salmon Brook Street

233 salmon brook street.jpg

Photo from 1886: Sons of Henry Cooley: Fred, Ralph, and Harry

This House:

This house was built c. 1830 by Mary Jewett Smith and was one of three houses (#233, 231 and 229) built on a block of land owned by the Jewett family.

Even More:

Mary Jewett married James Herrick Smith who died in New Haven at 43 and she may have come to Granby to raise her family of 4.

In 1855 Frederick J. Smith is listed as the owner. He was a shoemaker. Frederick and Sabra Smith had 3 children.

By 1880 the house was owned by May and Henry Cooley, a carpenter and builder. He worked 11 ½ days and was paid $1.75 a day for a total of $20.27. In a later invoice from 1914, Edgar B. Case paid him $291 for “work on doors”.

By 1987 it was owned by Bill and Jane Haslun and is now part of the Copper Brook Circle development.

233 game box.jpg

Game Box That Contained An Unknown Colonial Game

233 Fred Cooley.jpg

Fred Cooley, Son of Henry and May Cooley.

233 hat boxes.jpg

Hat Boxes: Everyone Wore Hats,

Both Men and Women.

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