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Holcomb-Shattuck House

254 Salmon Brook Street

254 Salmon Brook Street.jpg

This House:

In 1797 the owner was blacksmith Gurdon Gould. It was sold to Thomas and Clarinda Pettibone Holcomb in 1803 and it was owned by the Holcomb's for generations. There are clear records for 1855 when it was owned by Edmund Holcomb and Eliza Hayes (and second marriage Emily Eggleston). He was called Lawyer Ed to distinguish him from all the other Ed Holcomb's in Granby.

A Bit More:

The house left the Holcomb family in 1898 when Clarence H. Deming bought it. In 1912 Mrs. C. H Deming sold the house to Edwin H. Shattuck, son of the artist Aaron Draper Shattuck. Edwin worked at the Loomis Brothers store and later became the sole owner. Edwin and his wife Isabelle Messenger had 8 children.

254 Shattuck 1912 Auto.jpg

 Shattuck Car 1912

254 Shattuck 50th.jpg

50th Anniversary Picture; Front Marian Colman Shattuck & Aaron Draper Shattuck (prominent artist); Isabelle Messenger Shattuck & Edwin Shattuck are the 2nd & 3rd from the left.

Even More:

Later, Isabelle Messenger Shattuck, the divorced wife of Edwin H., lived there with her daughter June Shattuck Feeley.

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