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Political Buttons & Banners

Campaign Advertising Throughout The Years

Political summer exhibit showcases local, state, and national campaign memorabilia from both parties. The exhibit includes U.S. presidential campaign buttons from 1888-1996, Connecticut senatorial campaign buttons 1905-1980, Connecticut governor buttons 1990-1998, U.S. representative buttons 1902-2007 along with miscellaneous voting tickets, local photographs and hats.


Both exhibits are included in the price of admission and are part of our regular Sunday tours from 2:00-4:00.

U.S. Presidential Campagn Buttons

Original buttons from 1888 - 1996. 


Campaign Memorabilia

Local, State and National items from both parties.


Voting Tickets

Learn more about these pieces on your Sunday tour.


SBHS Summer Exhibit 2022
Part II 

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