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Colton House

251 Salmon Brook Street

251 Salmon Brook Colton House.jpg

This House:

This house was built in 1850, probably by Samuel Benjamin. It was next owned by Harvey P. Collins who operated a tailor shop out of the house. The house and land was purchased in 1898 by Fred M.Colton. He built the outbuildings for his tobacco business.

A Bit More:

Fred Colton owned a large dairy farm and had tobacco fields in many parts of Granby. He served on local town boards, was active in the Masons and South Congregational Church and also represented Granby in the State Legislature.

In 1939 Colton left the property and land all over Granby to his daughters, Mildred Colton Allison and Carolyn Colton Avery. Mildred Allison lived in the house until her death in 1981. Her nephew Peter Avery was the next owner.

251 Colton Tobacco barn.jpg

The grey outbuildings still on the property include a large warehouse used for sorting and packing tobacco. Many Granby residents worked in the warehouse during the winter; and during the depression, it was their only source of cash.

Even More:

The 1850 assessors’ report listed the Collins tailor shop as employing 1 male and 3 females. They produced 50 overcoats worth $900, 50 dress coats worth $800, 80 pairs of pants worth $200 and 30 vests worth $120.

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