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October 2nd - 29th

Recommended Timing 8 am - 6 pm

All houses will be live on the website after the stroll on 10/30/2020

In Celebration of the

Salmon Brook Historical Society's 75th Anniversary

About The Salmon Brook Historical Society

Stroll Through Granby History


In this time of the pandemic, the Salmon Brook Historical Society has found a way to share Granby's history outdoors. We're calling it a Stroll through Granby History. It's an opportunity to both walk and learn, while being appropriately distanced from each other because it is all done outside.  No one will go inside any of the homes.


Granby's central historic district along Salmon Brook Street (Route 10-202) includes about 35 homes or buildings with known stories. Through the month of October (from October 2 to 29) the society is inviting people to stroll from the Salmon Brook Historical Society properties at 208 Salmon Brook Street north to the green and learn about town history as told by 32 of the houses.


In recognition of the 75th anniversary of the historical society, the society will place a temporary sign with a picture of the original house in each front yard. In addition to the picture, the posters will include a QR code so walkers can learn about the history of the house and the people who lived in them using their mobile phone or tablet.

What do you need before you begin the October Stroll through Granby History? A QR code reader. Most phones have them, or you can download a QR code reader from the App Store on your phone or tablet. This is a no-cost app that will allow you to read the QR code on each sign. The QR code will then access the house’s information that is located on the Salmon Brook Historical Society web site. 


None of this would have been possible without Peg Giles concept, management and writing, archivist Carol Laun’s deep knowledge, Howard Berg’s efforts digitizing pictures, Kathy Morgan spearheading the signs, three members of the Granby Camera Club Ed Judge, Jay Harder, and Madeline Catania, and social media & QR & web from Jabberhead Agency.


We think this is a unique project and are pretty excited about this attempt to get the information from inside the archives of the SBHS out into the community.

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